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Gustavo Ruiz



  1. Lawyer graduated at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ), 1986
  2. Master degree at “Universidad Catolica Andres Bello” (UCAB), 1998
  3. Procedural Law Specialist
  4. Civil and Procedural Law proffesor for both undergrad and masters degree.
  5. Member of the Procedural Law Iberoamerican Institute (Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Procesal)
  6. Member of the Colombo-Venezuelan Procedural Law Institute (Instituto Colombo-Venezolano de Derecho Procesal)
  7. CEO of the Zulian Procedural Law Institute
  8. CEO of the Lawfirm RBR Abogados & Asociados, S.C.

Janeth Badell Herrera



  1. Lawyer graduated at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ), 1994.
  2. Magister Scientiarum in Procedural Law (LUZ) 2008.
  3. Director of RBR Abogados & Asociados, S.C.

Gustavo Andres Ruiz Badell



  1. Lawyer graduated at “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU), with honors (CUM LAUDE).
  2. Honor certificates at “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU), since 2010 to 2014.
  3. Graduated at the English Language Institute of University of Florida, 2009.

Randy Rosales

Director of the labor area


  1. Lawyer graduated at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ), 2011, with honors (SUMMA CUM LAUDE).
  2. Masters degree in Labor Law at the “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU).
  3. Certified in Human Rights, at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ). 2012.
  4. Honor certificates during the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 y 2010 at LUZ.
  5. Simón Rodríguez award given by the Academic Vicerrector of “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ) to the best GPA of each faculty in 2008.
  6. Teacher assistant for the Law and Politics Faculty of LUZ in the Labor Law cathedra.
  7. Shell Venezuela, S.A. Legal Department Ex Assitant in 2009.
  8. Ex English Teacher ATYES Language Center C.A, 2007.

Monica Pirela

Associate Lawyer


  1. Lawyer graduated at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ), 2000.
  2. Magister Scientiarium in Commercial Law graduated at “Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín” (URBE), 2003.
  3. Masters Degree in Civil Procedural Law at “Universidad Central de Venezuela” (UCV).
  4. Phd in Management Sciences graduated in 2010.
  5. Certified in Alternative Medias to Solve Conflicts in 2005.
  6. University teacher in the areas of Law Introduction, General Theories of Procedural Law and International Politics.
  7. Member of the Commercial Law Academic Committee at “University Rafael Belloso Chacin” (URBE).
  8. First Instance Third Court Secretary in the Civil and Commercial, of the Judicial District of Zulia State. 2002-2006.

Joaquin Ruiz

Associate Lawyer


  1. Lawyer graduated at “Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin” (URBE) , 2011

Fernando Bracho

Associate Lawyer


  1. Lawyer graduated at “Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin” (URBE) , 2002.
  2. Ex-assistantof the Criminal Law Third Court of the Judicial District of Zulia State, Supreme Court of Justice.

Carlos Faria Vilchez

Associate Lawyer


  1. Lawyer graduated at “La Universidad del Zulia” (LUZ), 2012.
  2. Honor Certificate in the year 2010.
  3. Member of the Student Investigation Network Programm at “La Universidad del Zulia” (REDIELUZ), 2011.
  4. Masters Degree in Procedural Law at “Universidad Católica Andres Bello” (UCAB).
  5. Masters Degree in Labor Law and Social Security at “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU).

Lena Michelena Villarroel

Associate Lawyer


  1. Lawyer graduated at “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU), 2011.
  2. Masters degree in bench market and finances at “Universidad Rafael Urdaneta” (URU).
  3. Masters degree in Procedural Civil Law (LUZ).
  4. Assitant at the First Superior Court in civil, commercial and traffic law of the judicial district of zulia state.